Where is Moonglow Mountain? Inspired by my soul sister, the lizard king, and dreadlocks.

I was laying there reading her words from a green journal under a tray ceiling. My heart began to swell with the blood of inspiration as I read her thoughts thrown on the page very similarly to how I throw my thoughts on the page. That blood pumping from my fingers flipping the pages to my mind to my chest and back again. She was changing her shirt and sat down beside me to reread what she had written months before as I read it. The moment felt intimate, I wanted to touch her and whisper to her “I’ll take you to the moon,” because she glows like it, but I didn’t. It’s so interesting to monitor yourself and another and feel like you are the same mind even though you have different physical bodies. Like you have the same metaphysical hands holding the same pen writing about the same feelings though in different contexts because the two of you live different lives. But the more you spend time with someone, the more you fall in love with them. The more you want to be a part of who they are. And who is anyone to tell you that you’re weak for it or that you’re doing something wrong? There are two people inspiring the fuck out of me right now, and I keep falling deeper in love with them, and I keep wanting to be a bigger and bigger part of them because like she said, that’s what humans do. And we ARE human. And we can either hold ourselves back out of fear or let ourselves go into the deep wilderness of the mountains. What am I talking about? Where is Moonglow Mountain?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching the moon come up and down over the mountains in a clearing with a bottle of Pinot Noir and a beautiful friend, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You smoke herb and you see the same shooting stars, and that moon, god that moon, that moon is glowing around the mountains and trees, lighting up the night. Moonglow Mountain is here, you think to yourself. Just two lizards basking in the heat of it, an ever-growing heat. Not worried about any of it. You’re there on Moonglow Mountain.

And here you’re reading excerpts from her soul.

Self indulgent mental masturbation with words. What’s wrong with it?


Because you can do it on Moonglow Mountain.

I was outside tanning a week ago and my sunglasses got caught on one of my dreadlocks. I spent a few minutes trying to disentangle the motherfuckers and for some reason I felt like my action, getting the glasses stuck and unsticking them, and my feelings toward what I was doing were representative and similar to feelings I get toward existence when I’m not on Moonglow Mountain, when I’m fighting to stay there. Not necessarily the frustration, though that happens, but that my actions and thoughts are creating what my life is ever-becoming. Whatever happens to my dreads, whatever gets stuck and pulled through, whatever rubs against them, whatever wind blows them around, will lock them stronger and pull them tighter. People get shit stuck in their dreads and people get shit stuck in their lives, especially when they hold themselves back. People go down all these paths: school, careers, having children, getting married, buying a house or a car, and then people get stuck in it and that is their life. Most people don’t realize that they can still find Moonglow Mountain, they can still hold onto their freedom. We all start off born into hair you can run a brush right through. But no matter how straight your hair is, or how curly, whether you have dreadlocks or not, you’re a part of an ever tightening dread as time goes on. It is the dreadlock of your life and that shit is high fucking maintenance. No matter who you are.

But where is your Moonglow Mountain? Where can you roll around in the dirt and dance naked with your tribe? Where can you let that dreadlock out, get it wet, get it dirty? Who will let you be free to be exactly who you are? Who will dive into the deepest pits of funk and metal and love and freedom? Jim Morrison asks us where is our will to be weird? Randy Blythe covered “You Only Live Once” at Mitch Lucker’s memorial show and at the end he involved the crowd in shouting “LIVE LIFE HARD”. . . with chills on my neck I ask you, are you doing that? Corey Taylor sings “If rain is what you want, enjoy the fall”. . . with chills on my spine, I ask you, are you doing that? Are you allowing yourself to fall, to fall deep in it? Are you allowing yourself to be with who burns your insides like the glow of the moon and refresh you like the smell of the mountains?

My question to you is: Where is YOUR Moonglow Mountain?

And I say to you: If and when you find it, remember how you got there.

All you have to do is close your eyes.


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